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Four Years

September 30, 2012

Yesterday, with the National Day of Prayer at Wembley Stadium, was the Saturday ending the week which ends the four years since God gave me the word about 4 years of preparation:

In March 2008 the Holy Spirit had been speaking to a group of us about a serious economic collapse which would manifest itself from September 2008. Everyone remembers the economic ‘melt-down’ which has come to be labelled the ‘credit crunch’ and the ‘banking crisis’. During the most dramatic moments of that storm I prayed about all that God was showing us that we were to do. One of my questions was a request that the Lord would show us some of his strategy for the coming years. It was in response to that question that I believe the Lord showed me a four year period of preparation – in business and in public life, after which there will come a new season of unprecedented shaking across the world. I believe that the 4 year period is now coming to a close and God is seeking our attention in readiness for the most serious shaking of our nations. This may be the most substantial shaking since the second world war, and certainly as far reaching.

Very recently, a number of my closest praying friends have experienced dreams and visions of dramatic physical shaking and flooding in the UK. The message which has accompanied these revelations has been in almost every case, ‘seek God’, ‘Come up to higher ground with God’ or ‘Listen to Me.’ It seems clear that God is wanting to get the attention of His people, and that He intends to demonstrate his presence and leading through a time of tremendous shaking and turmoil in the world.

We believe that God has been preparing us for a very serious economic storm for which the only preparation is to be close to Him and to be well practised in listening to Him.

Those who say that there is no God are cutting themselves off from His protection and provision. Those Christians who say that there is no judgement will find that their theology will fail them. Those who teach that ‘anything goes’ will discover that without a foundation, the building is collapsing. In the shaking, God seeks to draw people to the truth, to train the Body of Jesus to listen, and to show His glory through people of genuine faith.