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Prophecy – is it for real?

October 16, 2011

Everybody senses something outside themselves at some point. Whether an intuition, premonition or revelation. People of all cultures across the world and across history tell stories of their dreams, intuition, ‘6th sense’ or insights into previously things previously unknown to them. This seems to be the way we are made.

If we remove prophecy from the Bible we are not left with much. If we remove prophetic from the Gospel we are not left with a gospel. For two thousand years Christians have stated their core belief:

Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.

Can we know what God is saying? This is not just about fore-telling, but forth-telling. Explaining current events is as vital in prophecy as predicting the unknown. Those who become transfixed with the issue of prediction can miss the main point. God is personal and wants to communicate. He is not only talking about the future – but our present circumstances. A focus on prediction can develop  into an unbalanced message. But understanding the heart of God can lead us into seeing the future.

Today I debated on Radio Merseyside this with Dr John Wallis of Hope University who described himself as ‘an extreme athiest’! Listen here:     [1 hour 29 minutes in]

Jesus embodies prophecy. He personally brings the reality of the Father to us. It makes sense that if we are connected with the creator of the universe, who sits outside of time, the One who knows everything, including the future, we may also get glimpses of the future.