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The King’s Speech

April 30, 2011

It is not a trivial coincidence that the movie, “The King’s Speech” has been made and released at this time.

One Body because we eat one Bread

The film depicts the king of the United Kingdom in the 1930’s being coached in readiness for a crucial speech as the nation approaches the Second World War. The parallels with today are profound: The United Kingdom is approaching a social, economic and spiritual crisis that is on a par with the challenge of that era. Today the nation is not facing a single opposing national army with bombs, planes and tanks, but an economic collapse, a social catastrophe and loss of identity as well as militant opponents from around the world. There is a King who wants to speak to the nation, but He is not a human king who is incompetent, but a glorious King who, even though God of all, has chosen to speak through His people, the Church. Right now, the Church is being coached by the Holy Spirit to be able to speak to the nation in the crisis. At this moment the Church seems incompetent and unready, but by the grace of God, the spread-out, volunteer army, the people of God, will come together and learn to speak coherently to a nation that desperately needs to hear the authentic words of God. We must pray that this coaching process succeeds as in the movie. Let us pray in agreement for the King’s speech to be heard before it is too late.

About to Boil Over?

April 25, 2011

What is the Spirit saying to the Church? Last week I was in the USA and met with quite a number of people in 3 states. It seemed that everyone is asking each other about what is  happening in the world and what is the Holy Spirit saying to us. As I was travelling and listening I had a very clear impression in my spirit that God was likening the current situation to a pan of milk heating on a stove. Anyone who has ever boiled milk in this way knows that there is a moment when the milk suddenly boils, and that immediately prior to the ‘boiling over’ the surface of the milk has a particular shimmering look. If you know that shimmer you can catch the milk before it boils over and creates a mess. I sensed in my spirit that the shaking of the USA and the world system is at that point where a sudden ‘boiling over’ is imminent. This is a moment to pray for the Kingdom of God to prevail in the crisis that is approaching. In a moment of crisis, the person who takes the initiative has greatest impact on the outcome. This is a good time to pray “let your Kingdom come, let Your will be done…”