Four Years

Yesterday, with the National Day of Prayer at Wembley Stadium, was the Saturday ending the week which ends the four years since God gave me the word about 4 years of preparation:

In March 2008 the Holy Spirit had been speaking to a group of us about a serious economic collapse which would manifest itself from September 2008. Everyone remembers the economic ‘melt-down’ which has come to be labelled the ‘credit crunch’ and the ‘banking crisis’. During the most dramatic moments of that storm I prayed about all that God was showing us that we were to do. One of my questions was a request that the Lord would show us some of his strategy for the coming years. It was in response to that question that I believe the Lord showed me a four year period of preparation – in business and in public life, after which there will come a new season of unprecedented shaking across the world. I believe that the 4 year period is now coming to a close and God is seeking our attention in readiness for the most serious shaking of our nations. This may be the most substantial shaking since the second world war, and certainly as far reaching.

Very recently, a number of my closest praying friends have experienced dreams and visions of dramatic physical shaking and flooding in the UK. The message which has accompanied these revelations has been in almost every case, ‘seek God’, ‘Come up to higher ground with God’ or ‘Listen to Me.’ It seems clear that God is wanting to get the attention of His people, and that He intends to demonstrate his presence and leading through a time of tremendous shaking and turmoil in the world.

We believe that God has been preparing us for a very serious economic storm for which the only preparation is to be close to Him and to be well practised in listening to Him.

Those who say that there is no God are cutting themselves off from His protection and provision. Those Christians who say that there is no judgement will find that their theology will fail them. Those who teach that ‘anything goes’ will discover that without a foundation, the building is collapsing. In the shaking, God seeks to draw people to the truth, to train the Body of Jesus to listen, and to show His glory through people of genuine faith.

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10 Responses to “Four Years”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    The things that you prophesy about may indeed come to pass & as always The Lord is the answer! However, is it Biblical (in terms of the new Covenant) to prophesy judgement?
    Surely all of God’s judgement fell on Jesus 2000 years ago & all of Gods wrath is satisfied in the cross! If He is still wanting to judge sin then maybe Jesus’s sacrifice was not sufficient?
    We can’t get closer to God as He is ‘Christ in us – the hope of glory!’…
    Or am I missing something here?

  2. rwdd Says:


  3. Dieter Quick Says:

    @ Jonathan, Bonhoeffer suggested one has not understood final words well before having taken on board what remains true and good prior-to-last. Your insight in the sufficiency of Jesus sacrifice remains secure and true as the final anchor. It is what saves ‘in living and in dying.’
    But with this insight, because God wants the sinner to live, do not miss what the Spirit is saying to the people and to the nations in such challenging times.

  4. rwdd Says:

    @Jonathan, Messiah forgives and redeems all those who seek Him. Those who reject Him will be judged.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    @Dieter Quick – no idea what your Bonhoeffer quote means, but I was only questioning the end part of the blog that appeared it might be saying that what is happening, or indeed is coming, is ‘judgement’ from God! Maybe JM can clarify!
    @rwdd – my question was aimed at the concept that there was an element of ‘judgement’ happening NOW in the circumstances that we find ourselves in.

    • John Manwell Says:

      Perhaps we have different perspective on what ‘judgement’ refers to. I think that when a paedophile is uncovered and arrested this may be judgement from God; when a greed fuelled banking system collapses it may be judgement (note: the banking system comprises not just ‘bankers’ – but the majority population which has become addicted to credit and associated indulgence); when Annanias and Sapphira were struck dead it was evidently an action by the hand of God for manipulative lying.

      The punishment for all sin fell on Jesus on the cross. We appropriate that payment when we accept Him as Lord, but the scripture clearly shows that God has not finished judging. Surely an omnipotent God is not watching powerlessly disregarding anything sinful because the payment has been made available, even when the payment has not been appropriated? Is God relaxed about the missing April Jones, knowing that the price has been paid on the cross?

      I am meaning judgement to be when the government of God is manifested, and when God intervenes to implement His will, it is judgement. I am thinking of God’s judgement which implements justice and corrects. Often people think in only terms of ‘punishment’ – but God’s grace always seeks redemption. Human acts of ‘judgement’ are often destructive or vindictive, but God’s judgement is corrective, health bringing and restoring. I think there is strong Biblical teaching on God’s judgement – through, and post The Cross of Jesus. A few examples relating to this time – after the cross:
      Personally – 1 Cor 11 – ‘individuals eating and drinking judgement on themselves.’
      Publicly – Acts 5, Annanias and Sapphira lying in the presence of the Holy Spirit;
      In choices and behaviour, Galatians 6.7 – ‘reaping destruction’ as a result of choices;
      Globally – 2 Peter 3.9 – the coming judgement.
      Romans 13.2 seems to be very specific about ‘rebellious people bringing judgement on themselves.’

      All these examples seem to be prophetic warnings relating to judgement relating to behaviour in the present time.

      The cross offers an escape from the wrath of God, and the judgement for sin. We have an obligation to warn of the consequences of sin. The consequences are temporal and eternal, visible and invisible. Our actions as individuals, communities, nation and church have consequences. I am convinced that the Lord of all is alive and active, blessing and judging, because His justice is perfect.

      • rwdd Says:

        John Manwell, your response was eloquent and true. If there is anything I’ve learned over the past 40 years, since I was apprehended in the midst of a sinful life, there are 2 things that are true, my opinions do not matter to God, my actions do. He does indeed love the sinner, but not the sin. And I am eternally grateful for that. His ways are not our ways! Blessings to my UK brothers sisters who are standing in the gap.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    @JM – I guess we have some differences here, but good to hear your comments – thanks!
    I’m unsure about how much God is & isn’t intervening! For instance – if God wanted to intervene in the case of the missing girl why doesn’t he give someone a prophetic word or ‘word of knowledge’ about where she is? Why will some people suffer disproportionately in a credit crunch even though they might have done everything in a Godly way? Why will some people ‘get away with murder’ all their lives (OK, God gets them in the end!), but here & now they get away with it & sometimes the victims have to watch helplessly! The answer to these (& similar questions) is – we don’t know – but then we say God is good & just & kind etc – which is absolutely true!
    I guess I’m uncomfortable with the language of judgement, which is my problem… I think I don’t like it because it sometimes absolves us from really being the hands and feet of Jesus. The church is riddled with an addiction to credit and over-indulgence – why doesn’t God give the church a good kicking? – even to redeem it! People go to church to ‘consume’ in the same way they choose carpet & curtains! Christians are rude, immoral, hard-hearted (or is it just me!) – so why doesn’t God directly intervene in His church?

    Hope you don’t mind us having a discussion like this – I’m not attacking you, or anyone, I’m just discussing & questioning!

    • John Manwell Says:


      Firstly – I don’t mind the questions AT ALL. I wish the whole church in this country could start to really interrogate this issue. As I explore the matter I find my own gaps, insecurities and shortcomings. You ask some great questions! Early in the life of the Church (after the cross!) God acted extremely swiftly to stop what happened with Ananias and Sapphira, and yet today the Church as you point out, is riddled with half truths and compromised living, and yet nothing seems to be happening. I feel that much of the answer is actually the message I have prophesied: God is starting to take action in a new way and the prophecy is a warning. Another scripture – ‘judgement begins at the household of God.’ We, the Church are obligated to assess our own compromise, half-truths and self indulgence, before we warn the nation that our national turning of backs on Christian principles will have consequences. The challenge to the church is extremely grave. The division and lack of humility of the Church is awful. The lack of being ‘the hands and feet of Jesus’, and mouth, of Jesus, is a serious issue.

      God DOES give words and insight. To the extent that police officers have in the past approached believers for help – leading to serious trauma being averted in past cases. Of course, this does not get publicity for obvious reasons. The fact that large parts of the Church are more focused on a having ‘a great meeting’ on Sunday rather than stopping and listening to God might be one reason that he is not being heard. We are his hands and feet (and mouth). He is waiting for obedience, but the Bible is also clear that his patience will reach a limit. Sometimes we don’t hear Him because we have already decided what we will be willing to hear. The prophecy I have publicised is primarily calling for a return to listening, to obedience and it is a timely warning that God will be acting. How soon? I don’t know. I have been carrying this burden for 25 years, but am starting to see the things that God showed me in the spirit in the 1980’s. What I am convinced about is that He has compelled me to speak out with the part that I have – with a strong measure of urgency. The whole answer will come through the whole Church.

      The most alarming aspect of judgement is that God gives us up to our own choices. The inward looking indulgence of the western church will bring about its own implosion. The self serving addiction to credit and consumerism will become it’s own judgement. For a full generation, the British have voted primarily for the government that seems to offer the best standard of living. Our abuse of democracy is itself already becoming a self imposed judgement. Democracy is almost dead in Great Britain and no-one noticed. The anti-God pursuit of secularism which the UK has almost entirely converted to, is itself the time-bomb which will demolish religious emptiness, and expose our desperate need for the God of the Bible in public life and social fabric. The law of reaping and sowing has not been repealed.

      Last night I listened to a lecture by Lord David Alton. Within a stunningly clear presentation of the national need for Jesus, at one point he quoted Martin Luther-King:

      “Our lives will end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

      History gives us many warnings. One is this: in the 1930’s the early days of the rise of Nazism was typified by introductions of anti-god initiatives such as euthanasia, abortion for convenience, and sidelining of Christian authentic thinking in public life. When the Church remained silent, Hitler took great encouragement to believe that he would not face much opposition if he went further. Embarrassed by their silence prior to that point, the Church at large continued to remain silent. The destruction of millions of Jews, travelling people, disabled people and homosexuals was the consequence. A silent church will ultimately take great responsibility for national events. This is our current situation with a few exceptions.

      From what I hear from the Holy Spirit, we have weeks to consider this, not years.

      • Jonathan Says:

        Thanks John – appreciate you taking time to answer me! I find discussion is how I learn best as I test my opinions and listen to others! Love & blessings….

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