John has lived in Liverpool for the past 32 years, during which he has been active in business, community and church groups. He works with business people across several nations. He is a business man and co-founder of the North West Christian Business Forum, bringing new and established business people together to stimulate growth, partnerships  and innovation in the North West of England.

One Response to “About”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Unfortunately we dont have a Christian party candidate in our area.
    However I would alert you to the following.

    Given all the voter fraud we`ve heard about in the past (both in UK and U.S.) then I`d taken along my own pen.
    Perhaps just as well really, given that the booths only had a PENCIL TYPE CRAYON.

    I drew on the back of my hand with it, and it rubbed off.
    I do NOT know whether it would rub off paper so easily or not.

    When I got outside, and thought about it, I decided to go back in and ask, much to the amusement of the electoral staff.
    I asked them why? They said they did not know.
    I pointed out how theres been (alleged) fraud in the past in both UK and U.S.

    When I got home I phoned my local paper.
    They even said: it didnt sound right.
    I`ve now emailed the national press as well.

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