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Immigration Crisis?

October 7, 2015

2014-06-16 19.41.06

Almost everything that can be said on the subject of refugees and immigration has been said in recent weeks. I should state my interest at the start: I am an immigrant to this nation and I married a daughter of an immigrant family.

Many people are wanting to come to the UK for economic reasons or for their safety and asylum. The UK is seen as a desirable place to live. We need to be quite clear on why this country is attractive and respond accordingly. Some people want to come to exploit weaknesses in our country or even to spread fear and violence. Unless we are clear about people’s motivations and what our own priorities are, we will not be able to respond in the right way.

We should encourage people who want to come to the UK – whether from Poland or Syria. We should be glad that our nation is so attractive to people around the world, and there are many great reasons this is the case. This nation is still a place of opportunity for business, for education and for families to thrive. There is still plenty of room for new people and we have a great history of absorbing people from many cultures into the ‘British way of life’. Who would have thought thirty years ago that the most popular dish in England in 2015 would be Chicken Tikka Massalla?

Many people coming from Romania, Poland, Syria and Iran are entrepreneurial, enterprising, ready to work, and often have a good education already. We should be glad of all these people wanting to get here.

Why do they want to come here?

The UK offers opportunity, economic prospects, stability, relative peace, generally good race relations, and access to the rest of the world, to begin with. This nation still upholds the rule of law, general respect for human life, children do not have to work to eat, and the police are generally unlikely to break into your home if your politics does not agree with the government! We should be delighted that we are enjoying all these reasons that people would want to come here.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that we have lost our way and disconnected from the values that gave us all these benefits. The disaster that is the secular humanist experiment which has promoted multiculturalism specifically to undermine our Christian heritage has left us disorientated. We should welcome newcomers on the clear basis of Christian hospitality. We have lost the confidence to call ourselves a Christian nation and with that we have lost the basis to require certain constraints on newcomers. It is not OK to promote the downfall of the nation; It is not OK to have multiple wives; It is not OK to expect to enjoy the peace and infrastructure of this nation and at the same time seek to undermine the traditions and culture. We need to recognise as a nation that it is Christian truth which defines the rule of law, the respect for human life, the respect of personal property and the protection of the family. It is Christian thinking which has promoted freedom of speech, children’s rights and increased freedom for women in society. We should be unashamed in requiring compliance with our traditional rights and culture by those who want to come and make a life in the UK.

It is bland, directionless multicultural, humanism which has led us into the confusion of attempting to be tolerant of every position and ultimately being intolerant of truth.

If we welcome people from around the world on the basis of Christian hospitality we will be the richer for it, newcomers will be blessed, and troublemakers will become obvious and more easily thwarted. Our Christian legacy is the compass we need in this stormy season!

Democracy Under Judgement

September 30, 2015

Presenting British Values document to the Prime Minister’s office January 2015

Early in this past ‘500 day journey’ (during 2014)I believe that I heard the Holy Spirit warning that the very process of democracy would come under His judgement in the United Kingdom and United States from  the UK general election in 2015 to the USA general election in 2016. I believe we are watching this happen.

I believe that this is a direct consequence of the way we have abused the God given freedom to choose our leaders and to collectively choose the policies of our nation. This is not simply judgement on the leaders, but we have ALL participated in selfish choices and voted with self interest. Many people have maintained loyalty to a party rather than challenge the status quo.

I believe that God finds it particularly obnoxious when Christians who are part of a different Kingdom are loyal to political parties rather than primarily advocating the perspectives of the Kingdom of God.

The political systems of human ways are limited and partial.

The excesses of capitalism when unrestrained by conscience or fear of God are destructive, greedy and create unacceptable inequality. This is part of what will be judged in the coming economic collapse.  The foolishness of socialism rooted in Marxism and secular humanism is also coming to the end of its tracks. The elevation of the state to godhead in the socialist model is also destructive and disconnects people from our own social responsibility. In this the socialist path is coming under judgement from Heaven.

I believe that the diminishing respect for politicians in the UK and USA is a direct consequence of the path we have chosen. One of God’s chosen routes to bring judgement is to give people over to their choices so that the consequences become obvious. This is always ultimately redemptive more than punitive.

I think we are seeing the judgement of God on our systems in our democracies in the UK and USA in the delusionary rise of Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump. Both these politicians are rising on a wave of dissatisfaction within a narrow sector of their countries. It is an illusion of something new, but is really is a reflection of how broken the system is. It is time to declare that the emperor has got no clothes!

Meanwhile, the electorates in the UK and USA are more concerned with celebrities, entertainment and sport than the principles of good government. So we either don’t vote or we vote for the party that seems to most protect our short term comfort.

After the coming crisis we will have to rediscover the principle and convictions that shaped our nations or succumb to an even greater evil than we have now.

Black Hole Economics

May 5, 2015

The following text was written by my friend Christopher Gibaud. I feel that it needs to be seen by as many people as possible:2015-01-19 12.32.10

We are in the fevered hysteria of the run up to the most uncertain election of our lifetimes.

As the politicians hurl their promises at us our experts seek to guide us through the economic confusion that most of us feel. Last week Robert Peston (1) analysed the potential for economic paralysis as a minority government tries to rule – investment hiatus in business, loss of confidence in markets, a destabilising fall in the pound, all leading to a big chill in economic activity. In last week’s Saturday Times the Economics Editor is bleak in his assessment of the next governments challenge:

“Make no mistake, a storm is brewing. The true state of Britain’s public finances is dire – far worse than suggested by the official figures….if the nation’s finances were subject to the same scrutiny as a company, the reported level of borrowing would almost double.” (2)

I have, for some time now, been asking myself a key question to which I have not been able to give an answer. The question is this: “How come there are so many conflicting views on the state of our economic health.” One day we are being told that we are well on the way to recovery, the next all is doom and gloom. The markets are behaving in unusual and volatile ways, economic and fiscal data confuse, central banks are working hard to restore liquidity and growth but the harder they try somehow the less they seem to achieve.

A few days ago I read a commentary on our global economic state that gave me an insight into why things are the way they are. John Mauldin is an economic analyst of our times with a global following and I receive his weekly letter (3). He advances the view that we are stuck in a liquidity trap, a situation where central banks are creating cheap and plentiful money, reducing interest rates to zero, but to far less effect than hoped for in stimulating economic growth. Why is this? Why is it the case that economic policies are not working? His point is that the liquidity trap we are in is particularly severe because it comes at the end of a debt super-cycle. Economists who study liquidity traps observe that the usual rules of economics appear not to apply in these conditions.

Mauldin has an intriguing way of describing our present economic situation. He takes us into the realm of physics, Einsteins Theory of General Relativity and the existence of Black Holes in our space/time continuum! He introduces us to the concept of Singularity, the point at which conditions become so extreme that normal rules cease to apply, outcomes become very uncertain. In Physics Singularity refers to the conditions in space where a large enough collapsing star will eventually become a Black Hole, an environment so dense that its own gravity will cause everything close to be sucked within.

Mauldin has developed a concept of Economic Singularity as a way of describing what is happening today in our global economy. An economic bubble of any type, but especially a debt bubble, is an emergent black hole in our economic environment. When it gets too big (at the end of a debt super cycle) it will, like the dying star in space, collapse in on itself and creates the black hole conditions which suck all our economic institutions within it. As it does so traditional economic modelling breaks down. Normal solutions can make things worse.

His contention is that we are now at the point where our financial markets are being sucked towards the black hole. Mathematical investment analysis (4) no longer makes sense in strategic planning. An example of this is the fact that 25% of European bonds now offer negative interest rates. As he says:

“How do your value equations work in an environment of negative yields? It becomes mathematically impossible for pensions and insurance companies to meet their goals, given their investment mandates, in a world of negative interest rates.” (5)

In Einstein’s Theory of Relativity the “event horizon” is that point at which the emergent black hole conditions become inevitable. It is “the point of no return.” Mauldin’s next observation is pretty chilling:

“I believe the world will soon find out that by holding interest rates down and allowing sovereign debts to accumulate past the point of rational expectation for being paid, in one country in Europe after another (Greece is just the first), central banks have pushed us past the event horizon, believing they have supernatural powers that will let the global economy escape the debt black hole that has been created by governments.” (6)

In debt super-cycle environments, central banking initiatives will increasingly fail to deliver results, even deliver the opposite of what is intended. They battle with two contradictory forces – expanding debt and contracting growth. Low rate interest policies increase the market’s appetite for risk. Businesses struggle to grow in such conditions, but growth can only come from business, not from central bank policies. Finally, there is always a limit to be reached for a country’s ability to borrow. It is delusional to say otherwise. The “bang” moment comes when the bond markets lose confidence in that country and its ability to repay. When that moment arrives the money runs out. Then we fall into the black hole, country by country, economic region by economic region, until the global economy itself is threatened.

Black Hole Economics is what happens when man, his appetites and his systems are unchecked and without boundaries. Too late we discover that, as we approach the point of no return, our previous understandings and methodologies no longer seem to work. The vortex opens before us. We need a system that protects us from ourselves, that prevents this crazy unchecked and uncontrollable slide towards chaos.

God knows our hearts. He created Jubilee to protect us from the consequences of foolishness and greed, to enable us to live generous lives of abundance. Jubilee eradicates Black Hole Economics.

 © Christopher Gibaud   April 2015

(1) Robert Peston, BBC News website, Business, 20th April 2015. “Why SNP matters to whole of UK.”

(2) Philip Aldrick, The Times, Saturday April 25th 2015. “We’ll need much more than an umbrella to shield us from the coming storm.”

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Christopher Gibaud is a founder of the North West Christian Business Forum, a business network based in the North West of England, United Kingdom.


What value do we attach to the UK?

October 14, 2014

With just seven months until the general election in the UK, it is clear to many that there is a battle developing in the field of ideas. Maybe we could go further and suggest that there is a battle for the very soul of the nation?  Earlier in the year our Prime Minister seemed to touch a nerve when he commented that this is a Christian country. This immediately drew squeals of reaction from the atheist commentators who kick against any reference to faith in any of our national governance. Equally, those who disagree with the current government challenged the Christian credentials of the Prime Minister to be able to make such a statement. Perhaps we should use the comments of David Cameron to open up discussion and debate?

Whatever our political opinion or faith position, or secular atheism, the immovable historic fact is that this nation has been especially shaped by Christian thinking over the past several hundred years. This lends us an opportunity to start conversations and get people thinking. I believe that it is more than a mere opportunity and that there is a pressing crisis which demands input.

Perhaps our freedoms and generally stable national life are a consequence of Christian thinking – within all parts of the political spectrum? Perhaps the Biblically informed approach to respecting life, property, government, local authority, education and the family is a major factor in why we have a  country which people want to immigrate to? It is ironic that the Judeo-Christian teaching on offering hospitality to the vulnerable and alien amongst us is the original basis of welcoming people from all nations, and now Christian thinking is being sorely challenged by many of the very people who have enjoyed the privileges of freedom and peace. Indeed it is Christian thinking that should shape the care for the vulnerable, for the equipping of the uneducated, and envisioning for the hopeless. This is why I passionately believe that Christians should be influencing the political landscape. This is not about having a political party which takes an evangelical approach to belief but rather that the case for Biblical thinking is strong, credible and beneficial. The Gospel is a case for truth and right living which has tremendous consequences which are beneficial to all people in our communities, people of all faiths and of none. The principles for family life, community cohesion and national government which are revealed through the Judeo-Christian scriptures are timeless and unmatched. We should all be thinking about how we can prepare to engage and influence the upcoming political debate. We have a lot to offer in the coming seven months which may benefit the coming generation.

12.12.12 A KAIROS CALL

December 11, 2012

As we reach 12 noon on 12.12.12 the very date and time speak to us of spiritual alignment, of Godly government, of Jesus Kingship. What a critical moment in the life of this nation this just happens to be?

What is God saying to us? To you?

Consider these words written by Dennis Wrigley of the Maranatha Community for this moment in history:


The Lord is asking

Is it stop

Or is it go?

Is it yes

Or is it no?

Is it death

Or is it life?

Is it peace

Or is it strife?

Is it moving as one

Or is it falling apart?

Is it warmth of the Spirit

Or is it hardness of heart?

Is it zeal for the Kingdom

Or is it drift and decay?

Is it the gloom of the night

Or God’s glorious new day?

Is it muting the trumpet

Or wielding the sword?

Is it forward

Or back?

Is it defence

Or attack?

Is it moving

Or staying?

Is it striving

Or being?

Is it watching

Or seeing?

Is it fluttering

Or flying?

Is it living

Or dying?

Is it a temple

Or a tent?

Is it in ownership

Or rent?

Is it here

Or is it there?

And if not here

Where oh where?

Is it now

Or is it then?

And if not now

When oh when?


Dennis – Maranatha 8th December 2012

Absolutely Clear

December 6, 2011

The unqualified ‘live and let live’ approach to ethics, morality and truth leaves the public debate in confusion. Most people are weary of waffle and politically correct mumbo jumbo simply polarises debates rather than opening up dialogue. Extremist politics thrive on lack of understanding and truth. The secular humanist passion for ‘tolerance’ is a smokescreen to dumb down the argument and obscure life giving truth. When Jesus said, “The Truth will set you free,” He was not talking about mere freedom of expression in the way that an artist might be free to explore an idea. Jesus was talking about the total liberty, hope and freedom to live life to the full. To enjoy this kind of life requires that absolute truth is spoken out. We should judge our lives and actions against certainty.

Imagine developing a serious pain in your chest and shortness of breath, and going to see a doctor. Imagine if he begins by saying “Now, we must not assume that this is abnormal. This might be normal for you, let’s have some meditations to reflect on a wider understanding of normality.” This would not be encouraging! We want a clear, definite diagnosis and consequential action plan to remedy our need. A confident diagnosis followed by well informed proposals for action would give us tangible hope.

Christians believe in three absolute truths:

 Christ has died

Christ is risen

Christ will come again

 All humanity recognises two other truths: We all are born, and we will all pass away from this life.

Jesus said that no-one will come to the Father, except through Him. He is the Hope of the world.

The secular philosophers, including those who masquerade as theologians and scholars have robbed our society of hope with their empty debates and deathly deception.

Truth is not like the claims of homeopathic treatments, somehow becoming more potent as it is ever more diluted!

Truth can hurt, like an antiseptic ointment in a cut.

Truth can divide, like the surgeon who cuts out a cancerous growth.

Truth may constrain, like a splint on a broken limb.

Truth may hurt, like physiotherapy on a weakened muscle.

Ultimately, absolute truth will re-align and liberate people. Knowing the truth brings clarity, understanding and stability. All else is quicksand.

Absolute Mystery

December 4, 2011

The Graeco-Roman mindset of our day seems to demand logic, reason and empirical data. However, if there is a God who created everything we see, that God must be beyond our capacity to fully know or control.

The human race is drawn to the mystical and the sense of ‘other’ that we sometimes call supernatural or spiritual. The empirical evidence of human experience – from the grand sweep of history to individual’s dreams is that there is more than we can see or measure. Most of the people on the planet believe in a supernatural realm and a god or gods. The western secular humanist community argue against the evidence when they cling to their notion of there being no more than science and the material world.

In Mere Christianity (1952) CS Lewis put it so clearly:  “This is the terrible fix we are in. If the universe is not governed by an absolute goodness, then all our efforts are in the long run hopeless. But if it is, then we are making ourselves enemies to that goodness every day, and are not in the least likely to do any better tomorrow, and so our case is hopeless again….God is the only comfort, He is also the supreme terror: the thing we most need and the thing we most want to hide from.”

God is mystical and ‘other’ but He is not vague, indecisive and ambiguous in His views.

Again in Mere Christianity, Lewis challenges our thinking:

“Some people talk as if meeting the gaze of absolute goodness would be fun. They need to think again. They are still only playing with religion. Goodness is either the great safety or the great danger — according to the way you react to it.”

We meet Him on His terms. Anything less, and we are not considering ‘God’ but an merely an idea.


December 1, 2011

I keep meeting people who have been hurt by ‘absolutes’. It seems that many of those we interact with are bruised from their collisions with absolute truth – or rather the impact of those claiming to have simple, hard edged answers to all of life. The issue here seems to boil down to the experiences that people have had – often negative encounters.

I have observed a number of issues at play here. Some of those who offer their opinions in the form of simplified absolutes are often not as well informed as they pretend to be. The easy answer may only be a vehicle for prejudice, such as generalisations about races or cultures. Many take a political stance based on loyalty to a party or parents, rather than consideration of the arguments. When someone’s opinion is based on wafer thin understanding, they usually put it across with more aggression or vehemence than necessary. An insecure position seems to feed a wrong attitude. In response to imperialistic, dogmatic, non-consultative and authoritarian approaches, many have reacted by retreating from anything that seems inflexible or definite.

The flipside also needs looking at: We have had a generation of being told to ‘live and let live’; that all positions need to be heard. The desire to compensate for past arrogant views of other cultures has pushed us towards making a god of ‘tolerance’. Tolerance that is, of everything except absolutes.

The grave danger is that our society simply polarises: Most people can sense what is authentic, and can also smell a rat. Strongly held opinions aggressively preached by those who will not listen or engage with other views, are discouraging and repelling. On the other side, changeable and indistinct reasoning dulls the argument and ultimately frustrates those seeking answers.

We may not have a monopoly on absolute truth, but let’s ensure that with a good heart, we genuinely pursue truth, more than the vindication of our position.

W.W.St.P.D? (What Would St Paul Do?)

November 29, 2011

I asked one the campaigners outside St Pauls in London what was motivating him to be there through the cold nights and challenge of it all. He put his head into my shoulder and began to weep. As he sobbed, he said “For my children. I want something better for their future.” He explained that he has suspended his sole trader business to be part of all this.

I have no idea whether camping out in the cold for weeks will help that cause, but something is happening. This is more than the usual suspects of anarchists and anti-capitalists stirring the pot outside of a G8 meeting.

There certainly is a range of motives for camping outside the ancient cathedral. The drunks and mentally ill are inevitably drawn to the activity and well meaning gifts of the curious passers-by. One businessman who is running his on-line marketing business is doing a full day’s work from a tent and I couldn’t help wondering where he is getting his laptop battery charged. Some of the campaigners clearly have a spiritual mission to fulfill. In an age when we are compelled to appreciate diversity, the steps of St Pauls is really the open university.

What struck me most in talking to people was the eagerness for friendship as we stopped to talk, and the sadness and loneliness of the protesters. They seem to be expressing a human gut instinct that something is wrong with the world, but they lack a singular vision for what needs to happen.

The campaigner who sobbed on my shoulder clearly loves his children. The campers showed that they want to be loved, and in a profit driven world, it seems they are collectively re-stating Lennon and McCartney’s discovery: “You can’t buy me love.”

The Giant is Beginning to Stir

January 27, 2011

Years ago I had the job of entertaining kids in a hall while their parents enjoyed the church evening meeting without their energetic and restless offspring. Each week I would invent games or activities that would challenge and entertain. One favourite for the 5 to 12 year olds was where I would pretend to be a giant asleep at one end of the hall while they stole up on me. If they made a sound I would ‘wake up’ and chase them. The nearest would be caught and so be ‘out’. The last one to be out was the winner of a Mars bar or similar. As I reflect on this game I can’t understand why they didn’t just hang back and avoid the risk of waking the giant! Maybe there is something irresistible about provoking a sleeping threat?


It seems that the forces of secular humanism, false religion and the anti-Christian spirits are provoking the sleeping giant that is the Church in the United Kingdom. This has been happening for a generation but the giant has remained unperturbed. Until now. It seems that the forces opposed to the Truth really believe that they might actually get bold and close enough to smother the giant forever. The encroaching challengers may not realize that the giant has some of the centuries old wisdom like the Ents in Lord of the Rings and some of the potential that Gulliver had to help the islanders after he awoke.


The giant is not dead – just asleep! The giant is starting to awake. The urgency is great and the Church must awaken quickly as her opponents intend to anaesthetize and suffocate her! When she is alert and active she will rise up to defend the cause of truth and liberty on behalf of all. The drama is reaching a critical moment in 2011. Please join the voices calling the Church to stand up, speak out and take action.


As the Bible says to the Church:


Wake up O sleeper and rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you