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12.12.12 A KAIROS CALL

December 11, 2012

As we reach 12 noon on 12.12.12 the very date and time speak to us of spiritual alignment, of Godly government, of Jesus Kingship. What a critical moment in the life of this nation this just happens to be?

What is God saying to us? To you?

Consider these words written by Dennis Wrigley of the Maranatha Community for this moment in history:


The Lord is asking

Is it stop

Or is it go?

Is it yes

Or is it no?

Is it death

Or is it life?

Is it peace

Or is it strife?

Is it moving as one

Or is it falling apart?

Is it warmth of the Spirit

Or is it hardness of heart?

Is it zeal for the Kingdom

Or is it drift and decay?

Is it the gloom of the night

Or God’s glorious new day?

Is it muting the trumpet

Or wielding the sword?

Is it forward

Or back?

Is it defence

Or attack?

Is it moving

Or staying?

Is it striving

Or being?

Is it watching

Or seeing?

Is it fluttering

Or flying?

Is it living

Or dying?

Is it a temple

Or a tent?

Is it in ownership

Or rent?

Is it here

Or is it there?

And if not here

Where oh where?

Is it now

Or is it then?

And if not now

When oh when?


Dennis – Maranatha 8th December 2012