Democracy Under Judgement

Presenting British Values document to the Prime Minister’s office January 2015

Early in this past ‘500 day journey’ (during 2014)I believe that I heard the Holy Spirit warning that the very process of democracy would come under His judgement in the United Kingdom and United States from  the UK general election in 2015 to the USA general election in 2016. I believe we are watching this happen.

I believe that this is a direct consequence of the way we have abused the God given freedom to choose our leaders and to collectively choose the policies of our nation. This is not simply judgement on the leaders, but we have ALL participated in selfish choices and voted with self interest. Many people have maintained loyalty to a party rather than challenge the status quo.

I believe that God finds it particularly obnoxious when Christians who are part of a different Kingdom are loyal to political parties rather than primarily advocating the perspectives of the Kingdom of God.

The political systems of human ways are limited and partial.

The excesses of capitalism when unrestrained by conscience or fear of God are destructive, greedy and create unacceptable inequality. This is part of what will be judged in the coming economic collapse.  The foolishness of socialism rooted in Marxism and secular humanism is also coming to the end of its tracks. The elevation of the state to godhead in the socialist model is also destructive and disconnects people from our own social responsibility. In this the socialist path is coming under judgement from Heaven.

I believe that the diminishing respect for politicians in the UK and USA is a direct consequence of the path we have chosen. One of God’s chosen routes to bring judgement is to give people over to their choices so that the consequences become obvious. This is always ultimately redemptive more than punitive.

I think we are seeing the judgement of God on our systems in our democracies in the UK and USA in the delusionary rise of Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump. Both these politicians are rising on a wave of dissatisfaction within a narrow sector of their countries. It is an illusion of something new, but is really is a reflection of how broken the system is. It is time to declare that the emperor has got no clothes!

Meanwhile, the electorates in the UK and USA are more concerned with celebrities, entertainment and sport than the principles of good government. So we either don’t vote or we vote for the party that seems to most protect our short term comfort.

After the coming crisis we will have to rediscover the principle and convictions that shaped our nations or succumb to an even greater evil than we have now.

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4 Responses to “Democracy Under Judgement”

  1. Tim Austin Says:

    John, I reject a gloom and doom Theology… I have heard this sort of thing my whole life, God is going to judge this or God is going to judge that… and then something apocalyptic will happen and we will suffer under his judgment. I choose the believe the prophetic voices that resound in my own heart / spirit and in hearing the voice of the Spirit say that it is time, not for judgment but for an outpouring of the Spirit of God, like the world has never seen before. A global awakening, that will touch all segments of the Body of Christ that still have life in them.
    I reject the idea that capitalism is somehow evil or bad, it has been a tool, used by God, to alleviate poverty like never before in history and to use wealth to spread the gospel in unprecedented ways over the past 100 years. I agree that there are major flaws in the system, but it is a better system than has been seen on the earth for the last 2000 years that provides the average person with the most freedom, independence and liberty than has ever been experienced by a large group of people on planet earth.
    We in Pensacola, are contending for a global awakening that will leave no nation, system, or people untouched!
    Bless you JOHN!

    • John Manwell Says:

      Tim – I’m with you! Please read my words carefully – I qualify the corruption of capitalism – which is where we have brought trouble on ourselves. I believe that there are laws in the universe – like gravity. I don’t see judgement as God smacking people, but the redemptive consequences of bad choices. I do see a huge advance for the Kingdom. First is coming an exposure of the failure of greed, the abject failure of humanistic socialism and the light of God exposing the evil of false religion. All this is observation rather than prediction. The irresistible force of grace in the world is exposing what does not work, and leaving the unshakeable kingdom standing! Shalom!

  2. Phil Tyler Says:


    You say “I believe that God finds it particularly obnoxious when Christians who are part of a different Kingdom are loyal to political parties rather than primarily advocating the perspectives of the Kingdom of God” but the problem with that is that there is not and cannot be a single ‘Kingdom of God’ perspective on many, if not most, political matters. Christians of different political persuasions will think differently and will each consider their views to be ‘the Kingdom perspective’!

    (I doubt God finds his children to be obnoxious either.)

    • John Manwell Says:

      Yes I agree. There are many Kingdom perspectives – I think the obnoxious part is the loyalty to a party above our convictions and above Biblical priorities. I absolutely also doubt that God finds his children to be obnoxious – but some of our opinions – yes.

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