About to Boil Over?

What is the Spirit saying to the Church? Last week I was in the USA and met with quite a number of people in 3 states. It seemed that everyone is asking each other about what is  happening in the world and what is the Holy Spirit saying to us. As I was travelling and listening I had a very clear impression in my spirit that God was likening the current situation to a pan of milk heating on a stove. Anyone who has ever boiled milk in this way knows that there is a moment when the milk suddenly boils, and that immediately prior to the ‘boiling over’ the surface of the milk has a particular shimmering look. If you know that shimmer you can catch the milk before it boils over and creates a mess. I sensed in my spirit that the shaking of the USA and the world system is at that point where a sudden ‘boiling over’ is imminent. This is a moment to pray for the Kingdom of God to prevail in the crisis that is approaching. In a moment of crisis, the person who takes the initiative has greatest impact on the outcome. This is a good time to pray “let your Kingdom come, let Your will be done…”

One Response to “About to Boil Over?”

  1. David Richey Says:

    Pastor John, good blog. When milk boils over it is a total mess. Its also difficult to clean up. Thanks for the warning, I think we all know it is imminent, (boiling over), but what to do is the confusion. I believe prayer with a pressing in, the strategy will be released.

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