How to influence the nation without winning the election!

John Manwell - Liverpool Walton

As I write this the House of Commons has put on display the photographs taken by the official election photographer. I was delighted to hear that the photograph of me with my symbolic shepherd’s rod has been chosen as one of the 25 exhibition photographs – one from each day of the official campaign! What a wonderful privilege, 25 photographs for the 25 days of the election campaign. How appropriate for Liverpool to be captured symbolically as the image for day 7!

Another significant coup for our campaign was that the BBC published, largely unaltered, a prophetic press release calling for the political leaders to repent of the way in which our country has been governed. ( ) The BBC election page kept the article on their front page for 3 days! I don’t think any other candidate achieved 3 day visibility on the BBC, apart from the three main party leaders. Interestingly the call to repentance was visible for the 3 days up to Gordon Brown’s humiliating public ‘repentance’ after calling Mrs Gillian Duffy a ‘bigot’. Who says there is no God?

One of the key goals of our election campaign was to remind everyone in the constituency that there is a God. Our election leaflet was intentionally a clear reminder that God cares about our nation and that our Christian heritage should not be thrown away. If we continue to absorb the secular lie that our Christian past is best forgotten, it will surely follow that our society will continue to decay and ultimately collapse. Great Britain has been leading the world in the abandonment of our national Christian identity. As we head for a crisis, we must reverse this trend. Our leaflet was very well received by those we spoke to and copies were delivered to all 55,000 households in the constituency! A real success.

The image chosen for the House of Commons official record of the election campaign seems far more significant than the number of votes we won. For the record, the image for the 7th day of the election is a Christian campaigner, walking through a boarded up street, with Anfield football stadium dominating the skyline. The shepherd’s rod reminds us that the only hope for decaying Britain is the One True Shepherd who has been so faithful to this nation for over a thousand years.

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