Heal Our Land

Heal Our Land moved yesterday from Liverpool to Ashford!

In Liverpool on 10th May, over 1000 people came together to call on God to heal this land. On Saturday 15th, an estimated 1000 people came to Newsham Park for a wonderful proclamation of the Truth of Jesus – the only solution for the nation.

God has a wonderful strategy: With the initial event in Liverpool – a major gateway to the world for Britain for over two centuries, the Heal Our Land initiative moves to Ashford – the port town of the Channel tunnel – the link with mainland Europe.

God continues to stir this nation to prayer and action to tell people about Jesus. This call to come together, pray, repent and receive God’s anointing to speak to the world, is a growing call to the Church of Great Britain to BE the servant of God for the healing of the land.

Please join the Heal Our Land Ashford group – link below. That way you can be kept informed of how things are developing and receive prompts for prayer. This whole thing is going to continue to develop over coming months – God is at work!

75 years ago the Jeffreys brothers came to Liverpool to conduct a healing crusade in Bootle – where Heal Our Land Liverpool was effectively started on 2nd May in a meeting that Bishop James Jones spoke at – commemorating 100 years of St John and St James church. After several weeks of revival, healings and widespread salvation, the Jeffreys brothers moved their tent to Newsham Park and led another crusade – which resulted in a further move of God and the establishment of further churches with many people saved and healed. On Saturday 15th May, Heal Our Land Merseyside concluded with a city-wide outreach event in Newsham Park. Dozens of people committed their lives to the Lord and dozens more were prayed for to receive help in their lives. Many people came to a wonderful day of music, dancing and Christian witness. Many nations were represented – Iranians, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Americans, Brazilians, Bolivians, Algerians, Yemeni, South African, Italian, and of course Liverpool people – probably others as well!

God is re-digging old wells! By being part of this group and praying alongside us, we are joining together to see Great Britain healed.


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