150 Candidates for Christian Peoples Alliance in May 6th Elections offer Conscience Choice

Voters going to the polls in local and parliamentary elections on May 6th will have the largest spread of Christian Democratic candidates standing for office in political history. Linked to similar parties across Europe, the Christian Peoples Alliance is running over 130 local authority candidates and 17 parliamentary candidates. In elections to Europe last year, the CPA ran joint lists with the Christian Party on a national basis, winning votes from a quarter of a million people. Party Leader, Cllr Alan Craig, is running for executive Mayor of Newham Council.

Party spokesperson, Susan May, says the CPA election move springs from the desire of many christians across England to run for office and offer voters Christian policies based on values not shared by the secular parties.

Speaking in a live televised debate last night with Labour Treasury minister, Stephen Timms MP and Conservative front-bencher, David Liddington MP, Susan May said:

“Across Britain, many voters are disillusioned by the drift to secularism of the big parties. The Christian Peoples Alliance offer them values they can vote for, based on church social teaching. We are a party of conscience, committed to social justice, tackling endemic poverty and radical reform of our corrupt political system. Our aim is not to be self-seeking, but to serve our communities.”

Susan May told viewers on Revelation TV that Christian Democratic parties similar to the CPA were elected to parliaments across Europe and were often found in government. She also pointed out that in 2009, just 58 per cent of voters backed Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Conservative voters, with many voters preferring new parties.

The Christian Peoples Alliance has local authority seats it is defending in east London, where the party forms the Official Opposition on Newham Council. It is running candidates in boroughs across London, with a focus on Newham, Greenwich, Kingston upon Thames and Harrow. It is also standing council candidates in Three Rivers District Council, Reigate & Banstead, Milton Keynes, Sandwell and Birmingham.

Parliamentary candidates are running across England (full details below) and are based on self-starting Christian community activists seeking to serve their local communities.


For more information: 07873 625396 or press@cpaparty.org.uk or visit www.cpaparty.org.uk


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