Volcanic Ash – Time to Repent?

PRESS RELEASE – 23 April 2010

Volcanic Ash Over Britain “a Sign of Need for Repentance” according to Liverpool Christian Democrat Parliamentary Candidate

Following a call by Britain’s party leaders on their Sky Leaders Debate for church leaders to “confess and repent”, a Christian Democrat parliamentary candidate says that it’s our nation’s political leaders who must take a leaf out of their own book and do some repenting.

Chair of Liverpool City Churches network, Together For The Harvest, which brings together over 100 churches, John Manwell, is the Christian Peoples Alliance candidate in Liverpool Walton. He says that the volcanic ash from Iceland is a sign from God that Britain and Europe needs to turn and confess their sin of unbelief and rebellion against the Gospel. He commented on the fact that the ash surrounded Britain at the same time as the three main party leaders had their first televised debate in front of the nation:

“Ash is a clear Biblical symbol of repentance. The ash from Iceland brought our airlines to a halt for a week. As a sign from God it was gracious – no-one was killed. The standstill reminded us that with all our power and politics, the human race is powerless compared to God and His creation. It is right that judgement begins with the house of God and clearly the Roman Catholic church is taking steps to sort itself out, as the party leaders alluded to last night. However, our whole political system has hardened itself against God in rampant secularism. This has to change.”

John Manwell is campaigning in the Walton constituency in the general election with a passion for a return to real democracy and for the community to get involved in choosing a representative. One of his slogans is: “Don’t be a victim of the party you didn’t vote for.”

John believes that if the country called out to God rather than just believing in the big political parties, God would respond and heal our land:

“Surely it is time to call on God and seek His help in healing the brokenness of Britain?”

“I am one of the majority who want a fresh approach to politics. The nation is angry and frustrated with the politicians who continue to talk while the country gets worse. In Liverpool and the country, we need fresh thinking, fresh voices and fresh action. Our city’s deep well of Christian values of service to others is a motivation for my decision to stand. ”

The Christian Peoples Alliance is linked to other Christian Democratic parties across Europe. Last year, with the Christian Party, it polled votes from a quarter of a million people in Britain. 150 Christian Peoples Alliance candidates are standing in local and parliamentary elections across the country.


For more information:

John Manwell  call: 07909 970 206  or email john@optics.ltd.uk or

call 07873 625396


Visit www.cpaparty.org.uk or www.susa.info/resources/cpa

Notes to Editors:

With an international perspective as business-man  and Christian, John Manwell is seeking to bring something fresh to the politics of Liverpool.

John Manwell was born in Africa and came to faith as a teenager in a small youth group. He came to live in Britain a short while later and since then he has had a passion for the Christian message to be effectively applied in society. Over recent years he has been a campaigner for local community action and for city regeneration.

John has worked with church groups and city wide organisations with a vision for widespread social transformation. Through events such as Merseyfest which created hundred of community projects and brought 70 000 people together for a two day festival in Croxteth Park, and the acclaimed Festival of Hope in 2008, John has worked to bring communities together.

John believes that the Christian heritage of Great Britain is what has made the real cultural diversity of our communities so special. In campaigning, he is repeatedly heard to state, “Christian fairness and tolerance is what made this nation such a wonderful place to live. No other religion or philosophy creates such freedom and tolerance. We are in danger of throwing away our Christian heritage and losing what made Britain great.”

John works with a city-wide Christian network bringing churches together and has personally worked tirelessly over the past 23 years to bring together Christians from different backgrounds in the Mersey region. He is currently working with city leaders in Mobile Alabama and in West Africa to develop positive initiatives in relation to the legacy of the African slave trade. In the past year John has also initiated a business network across the North West region and is involved in several major international projects to bring new industry to the region.

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