Christian Peoples Alliance Candidate stands with Christian Hoteliers in Walton

Press Release: Monday 26th April 2010

“Enough is enough!” the Christian Peoples Alliance candidate in Liverpool Walton will say at a dinner for supporters tonight. At the Bounty House Hotel in Walton, John Manwell the local candidate for the Christian Peoples Alliance will be talking about the importance of Christian Liberty in Britain, and how this has been attacked by successive governments, particularly the outgoing Labour administration.

The supporters dinner is being held in the Bounty House hotel, where the owners, Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang were taken to court last year following a discussion about their faith with a customer. They were charged with “religiously aggravated” crimes, but later cleared of all charges. During the evening John Manwell, with the Vogelenzangs will talk about how free speech has been undermined, how European legislation and political correctness have squeezed traditional Christian beliefs in Britain. John will be highlighting how the Vogelenzangs were acquitted, and yet their business became an innocent  victim of the charges brought against them.

“For a generation we have seen the Christian heritage of our nation attacked and minimised by secularism and encircled by political correctness. The people of Britain have been tricked into being apologetic about our Christian traditions, when in fact, it has been Christian principles that made this country great. Liverpool has more children being born outside of marriage than within.  We are seeing children damaged by the widespread breakdown of the family. As part of the secular package we are losing the Christian perspective of fairness and justice in the face of inequality. Even the basic concept of telling the truth has disappeared and people no longer trust political leaders.”

John Manwell is campaigning for a return to real democracy in Britain, and a return to Christian principles in our government. He has been a campaigner for years for the family to be strengthened and for policies that uphold the wellbeing of our society.

John has been campaigning for the people of Walton to reverse the history of poor turnout in elections and for the start of fresh politics in Liverpool. “The nation faces a vital choice on 6th May, don’t be a victim of the party you didn’t vote for.”


For more information:

John Manwell  call: 07909 970 206  or email or

call 07873 625396

Visit or

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