See the Change! Be the Change!

What an interesting few days: The nation has the air space shut down because of a volcano in Iceland on the same day the main political leaders spoke on TV!

What a great reminder that God is the one who rules overall and the greatest efforts of man become insignificant against a single natural event. Maybe there are more profound as well as practical implications?

I held a meeting with interested supporters. The meeting resonated with passion, agreement that the time has come for change, and everyone must speak out. There were ideas about what is needed – ranging from a desire to get back to a sense of community, more police on the beat, and a need for politics that empowers young people and gives them hope. There was a real sense that if only the Christian community will speak out, break past traditions and allegiances, we will see a real response.

I presented three video statements.  There are now available on-line. – Please forward these links to as many people as you know.. … something new is happening in Walton!

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