What a swing!

In 1987 the three main parties received nearly 96% of the votes cast. In the European parliamentary election last summer they received only 57% with Labour and the Tories attracting the lowest proportion of votes since 1945. It is evident that the British voters are getting weary of the main parties and choosing alternatives. The parties are looking for a swing, but don’t want you to notice that the swing is away from them!

The big question is “Why is this happening?” We have a more fragmented society with many different agendas, but I think a more fundamental change is happening: The main parties have failed to deliver real democracy. The current Labour government received a minority of the votes cast and introduced legislation that we don’t want such as increased taxation, anti-family legislation and did not give us the promised referendum on Europe. The professional politicians have maintained a system that does not listen to the people and the people are now starting to do something about it. For 20 years the voters have increasingly stayed at home, but now  we are coming back!

CPA Liverpool Launch

Christian Peoples Alliance Liverpool Launch

There is an alternative. We need to rediscover what we our priorities are and rediscover real democracy. The Christian Peoples Alliance is leading the way. Vote for a return to sanity.


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