Does it Matter?

Our democracy is in danger of slipping away. The British electorate are disillusioned with politicians and in every election a greater proportion of the people choose not to vote. One of the greatest services we can do for this nation as Christians in the election process is to encourage people to vote.

Please exhort your friends, work colleagues, and neighbours to make a decision to vote in the election – whoever they choose to vote for – the main thing is that we vote. The spiritual implications are huge. The extremist parties WILL benefit if a large number of people do not vote: Even a small percentage for the far right party will be portrayed as ‘success’ and a sign of growing credibility. If people choose not to vote because they feel frustrated with politics in general, we hand a gift to the extremist forces working against our country.

Let us not allow our democracy to slide away. God has given us the privilege of democracy and participating in choosing our leaders. If we despise this gift, we will offend God, and our society will slide into ever more rapid decline.

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