Missed the Train

We’ve all observed the person who dashes onto the platform after the doors have closed. He appears flustered and frustrated, and we feel a mixture of sympathy and mild irritation, wondering why he did not arrive in time. As the British electoral train leaves the station, we are observing that the leaders of the three main parties have missed the train. This is not simply a matter of missed opportunity or being late, with some catching up to arrange, but rather a fundamental failure. The main political parties have missed what this election train is about, and it is now too late.

Gordon Brown, presiding over the last gasps of the Labour experiment with our society has missed the point of what is happening. The great secular endeavour has failed. This nation has centuries old Christian roots and values. The wholehearted attempt to remove the Christian pillars from our society has brought the temple down. Last minute appeals to earthy values such as “hard working families” will not recover the situation. Our government has offended the culture and basis of our nation, and the assault on the institution of family is an offence to God.

David Cameron has compromised and lost the initiative. At the heart of conservatism is the principle of holding to our national heritage. This is more than superficial patriotism, but what made our nation great. It is clear to anyone reviewing our history, that our embracing of Christian truth coincided with unparalleled influence and success for centuries. The national abandonment of our faith has likewise corresponded with collapse at home and abroad. More than ever in our history, we need to call the nation back to clear Christian distinctiveness, but David Cameron has dithered. In the desperate search for expediency he has blended some notions from our past with the toxic political correct deceptions. His increasing lack of clarity on the family and Christian uniqueness has thrown away his God given lead. He has referred to ‘Broken Britain’ but is holding back on the real truth as to why we are broken. He has instead, re-energised the secular lie. We are broken as a nation because we abandoned absolute truth, and our politicians have become too frightened to permit real debate.

Nick Clegg on behalf of the pro-European Liberal movement might start to notice that the British people are not voting for erosion of our sovereignty. The likely vote for UKIP will steal the Liberal Democrat’s base as the natural home for protest votes. Our national identity is intrinsically linked to the Christian faith and this nerve has been touched. The level of frustration amongst the people of our country at not being given a referendum on the European conspiracy is beginning to boil.

As the fog begins to lift from our secular humanist gloom, the awful reality is starting to hurt the established political parties: The train has already left, and it is too late. What we now see is the awakening of fresh politics across the nation. For years, community activitists and people with genuine convictions have been at work. Many of these will have hardly realised how things might develop, and suddenly the new landscape is visible: The rise of the British people has begun. The desperation of our moral decline combined with the hopelessness of a godless worldview has come to the end of the line. The soul of our nation is at stake, and as we stare towards a national emergency in economic and social terms, we must return to our roots.

We must return to the Judeo-Christian truth that created our civil liberty. Our survival depends on freedom to believe in the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and permission for people of all faiths to speak freely of their unique claims. Our society rests on stable family values, and it is vital that we at least give permission to those who want to argue for the pre-eminence of the traditional family. Our economy will only recover when we return to the normality of integrity and trust that springs from absolute truth and the purifying fear of God in our choices.

One Response to “Missed the Train”

  1. Peter Says:


    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you’ve said. Politicians are over-concerned with agreeing with the political correctness and the pervasive abandonment of moral standards. They can’t acknowledge what made UK great – Christianity.
    Our ancestors would cry with disbelief if they could have known what we’ve done with modern UK.
    I pray your voice will be amplified.

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