Time to Stand

I plan to stand as a Christian candidate for parliament in Liverpool Walton. The purpose is to challenge the accepted picture of politics, of Liverpool and to offer a fresh approach.
The election offers a wonderful opportunity for us to raise issues that have their roots in Christian truth and also to promote the Kingdom of God.
In a constituency where one party has a long established clear majority we have the chance to present an alternative perspective and register the Christian view, and make it clear to the nation that Christians are many and active.
I hope that Christians across the country will stand in this election – speaking out at a crucial time in the history of this nation. We have been too quiet and we must communicate or be responsible for further decline in public life and society.
Please find out about Christians standing in your area – pray for them, support them and sound the trumpet!
John Manwell

One Response to “Time to Stand”

  1. Peter Says:

    Your decision to stand is totally consistent with what many other Christians want – leadership that draws towards God and honours Him. Go for it!

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