12.12.12. A Time of prayer and listening. A call to align with God, and His purposes for our lives.

Across the spheres of our society, God, who is light, is revealing that which has been hidden in darkness. He is calling His people to pray. He is calling his people to communicate His love and to speak out boldly in the midst of crisis.

At 12 noon on 12.12.12 will you join us in gathering together to pray? The number 12 speaks of God’s perfect government, and of His authority. This is a moment to pray for God’s government in our individual lives, in our churches and in our nation.

Wherever you gather with other believers, please pray for these two key areas:

Pray for an awareness of what God is doing at this time, of being part of the Body of Christ and say yes to being in alignment with Jesus, the Head of the Church.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

We will come before God in quietness, in humility, seeking His direction for each of our lives, and with hearts repentant of the sin that is in the church as well as the nation. We believe that God will speak, and hear our prayers. Our prayer is that as we unite and align under Gods authority we will begin to see the manifest authority of God in our land.
Please feel free to feedback to us.


(This is the text of a message which has been sent out to many prayer networks under the banner of Together for the Nation, a coalition of Christian ministries.)

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