Let’s Have Breakfast!

It’s a major junction in history, Jesus has risen from the dead, and is launching a whole new era of life with the Holy Spirit. Jesus meets the disciples on the beach, and teases them about their lack of a catch – a pointed reminder for Peter of his original encounter with him. By the way -all the while, Jesus already had a fire going and fish cooking! Just as the first time when Peter met him, Jesus suggests throwing the fishing net overboard again. Again it happened, a great catch. The first time this happened, the nets began to break, but this time the disciples noted the large number of fish, and that the nets did not break. It is said that that at that time there were thought to be 153 species of fish, so these men who had been called to be ‘fishers of men’ would immediately see the significance: They were called to reach all species of fish – all mankind! The nets were not breaking, the nets were full, every nation was represented, and the surprising catch was a divine intervention!

Jesus is about to talk to the disciples about their future ministry and priorities in the great and wonderful new era that was opening up; A vision to reach the ends of the earth and teach all people everywhere about the Kingdom. Before he gets to that he says

“Come and have breakfast”

What an insight into the nature and character of Jesus! At this momentous turning point of history he doesn’t launch a teaching programme or organise a seminar. He is at peace, relaxed, and practical. He has breakfast with his close friends.

Let’s be like Jesus. Who wants breakfast?

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