Fresh Wind in the Willows

Exactly six years ago I left a well paid job with a great pension plan to start a business and see which way God’s river would flow.

Shortly before leaving United Utilities I attended a business transformation course, and on the last day as we departed, everyone was given a twig of willow. This practical symbol of new beginnings and sustainability (the buzzword of the time) was given with the suggestion that all 100 of us go and plant these new trees. You can see here that my willow tree now stands over 20 feet tall and thriving!

A few months ago our family visited Ely and I took a tiny twig off one of the glorious willow trees by the river. After nurturing it in a bottle and then planting it in our garden, I was delighted this week to see the evidence that it has taken root and producing new shoots.

This led me to start thinking about this next phase of 6 years. Over the past 6 years, God has provided in numerous ways: we have eaten well, travelled all around the world (including China, Kuwait, Africa, United States and several European countries), made hundred of new friends, participated in several exhilarating business initiatives, seen the start of a regional business network, been involved in political activity, and national prayer initiatives. The most significant aspects which God has opened up are the regional unity of the Church on Merseyside, and the tri-continental relationships working to see the ‘reversal of the African Slave trade’. With these areas in mind, it is very exciting to think about what God has planned for His people in the coming 6 years. As my new willow (the weeping variety) grows and develops, I will be reporting on its progress and the work of the King in our lives. We are entering a truly momentous season of growth, new life, and global relationships.

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3 Responses to “Fresh Wind in the Willows”

  1. Greg Reagan Says:

    Excellent report, John!

  2. Tom Dooley Says:

    John, You have persevered in living in the “faith” realm with an optimistic smile. I’m proud of you.

  3. escalator2 Says:

    John, I am genuinely excited for you, your familly, and your business in this the beginning of your 7th year. This is the year of unceasing fruitfulness and new beginnings. I am equally excited about getting to know you better as my brother and to the prospects of potentially working together on Kingdom business.

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