Liverpool – 2012 – Liberty Gateway

A few days ago, we were given a prophetic word for Liverpool:

“2012 is the year in which Liverpool is being called to seize hold of its redemptive calling in relation to the slave trade”

Mark Stibbe speaks around the world on the subject of the Father’s love. What made this prophetic comment particularly interesting was not that he is well travelled and influential, but the timing of this word.

For years some of us have been observing some amazing links developing with the Americas and Africa in connection with a tremendous positive re-connection of the communities which were involved in the African slave trade. A number of those involved believe that we are witnessing a tri-continental movement which will bring healing and reconciliation between races on a global level.

In the context of global change – NOW is certainly the time for Africa to rise to responsibility and partnership in world affairs.

In the current state of the UK economy, NOW is a moment of transition for Liverpool – to either slump with the loss of public sector employment, or rise up with the solidarity, creativity and entrepreneurism which the region is famed for.

In the world of internet and intercontinental travel, this is NOW the time for new international relationships and partnerships which heal old wounds, bring communities together and empower the next generation.

With social disorder and tension threatening, there has not been a more critical moment for racial, ethnic and cultural groups to show that we can work together for the good of society. This is true globally, and locally.

Liverpool played a key role in sending people to the nations when Great Britain was exporting its culture and economic aspirations. Liverpool played a leading role in the investment in enslaving people for economic returns. Liverpool has for centuries been a gateway for cultures, economic ventures and international relationships. Because of its history and reputation, along with London, Liverpool has a key role to play in representing the United Kingdom in the world of sport, music, culture and education.

The coming twelve months of 2012 really will be the season for Liverpool to seize hold of its redemptive destiny in relation to the slave trade. Not just for the betterment of Liverpool, but for the United Kingdom and the nations.

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5 Responses to “Liverpool – 2012 – Liberty Gateway”

  1. Diane Dornberger Says:

    In total agreement with you, brother John.

  2. Sue Hanratty Says:

    Oh yes, Dave went to sierra leone in the 90’s as part of this…..2012 is certainly a year for break thru!

    • John Manwell Says:

      Sue – this has implications for our region, the people we have links with in Africa and America. Please encourage others to make contact if they have any sense of being part of this. Blessings!


  3. Andrew Bird Says:

    Hi John

    Just found your blog and interested in your thoughts re Liverpool and Africa ( and probably West Africa) where we have been setting up businesses. Would be good to connect. I am at or Skype spencerbird

  4. Dieter Quick Says:

    In what you shared, there’s even the opportunity of giving Britain a future in trade. (This is significant as I believe little will be left with our current economic system.)

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