What Will Shake Next?

Eighteen years ago I had a powerful vivid dream about a massive earthquake in Japan followed by a nuclear cloud. Almost every day since that dream I have turned on the news with the strong belief that what I saw will happen at some point. I believe that all I saw in my dream in 1993 has not yet fully happened. Two years after my dream, friends asked me if the Kobe earthquake was what I had seen. I said it was not, because what I saw, had huge and immediate global implications. I saw the communications systems of the world shut down for a period of hours and the stock markets of all nations crumble as national debts and despair collided. Again, people have been asking me if the quake, tsunami and nuclear crisis of this past week are the fulfilment of the dream. I have asked myself the same question as it has indeed been shocking, and the domino effect on the world economy may well have further to run.

In my dream of 1993 I saw a gigantic earthquake which rocked Japan and knocked out communication systems temporarily and caused a sense of shock across the world at the scale of the catastrophe. In the dream I experienced an eerie silence as the world was stunned for some hours. Immediately afterwards I saw a nuclear mushroom cloud which was connected in some way to the city of Brussels. Following these two events I saw the world economy collapse and whole nations having to re-structure their financial systems. I knew in my heart that the dream spoke of a turning point for the world, after which the shaking in the earth would intensify to a level never seen before.

The events in Japan the past week are a strong signal of a change. I believe a new season of shaking has now begun. The Bible says that the earth groans as all creation awaits the end of the age. God is allowing all that we put our confidence in to be shaken. Nations and organizations that oppose God’s purposes will be shaken in order that they will reconsider. As 9-11 was a turning point in world politics, I believe the Japanese earthquake is a turning point after which the shaking of all nations will significantly intensify. The Bible clearly points us towards God as the only One who can help when we experience shaking of our very environment and man-made systems.


4 Responses to “What Will Shake Next?”

  1. dayobenson Says:

    Wow – the coming of the Lord is at hand. We must watch, pray, and evangelize.

  2. David A. Richey Says:

    John, you’re own thinking did not reveal this to you. This is divine revelation for the nation that is the third largest economic power in the world. Three of course is God’s perfect number for Divine Completion. The end has begun, but there is a new beginning on the horizon.

  3. Ray Lindsey Says:

    I believe the nuclear plumb that accompanied the recent Japanese earthquake was “poisonous propaganda” designed to slow the use of nuclear power and thus perpetuate the world’s dependence on oil. As you know, to date there has been very little to no release of dangerous levels of radiation, yet the world media have “terrorised” the world with false fears. We are praying for you and your mission.

  4. Elisabeth Campbell Says:

    Presumably by this time you will have seen Rick Joyner’s Special Bulletin on Japan – available on the Morning Star Ministries website. Also, there is an interesting email circulating from Peter Wagner.

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