The Seventh Coalition is forming…


The battle for the soul of our nation intensifies!

After many months of preparation, yesterday I spent the day in the Saints in the Stadium event in St Helens. Over 2000 people from across the nation came with a united desire to pray for the soul of the nation and for the advance of the Kingdom of God. It seemed like the most unfortunate timing in my schedule to go straight from that event to a business meeting in Belgium. I have been intensely busy with the preparations for Saints in the Stadium, and I had not looked at the address for the location of our meeting. As I arrived at the hotel in Waterloo I started to sense that the Holy Spirit of God was whispering to me.

Over dinner my host explained some of the history from 198 years ago:

The British Duke of Wellington had anticipated over a year before the now famous ‘Battle of Waterloo’ that he would at some point have to confront Napoleon and his goal of dominating Europe. With this in mind he had carefully surveyed the territory and prepared his options. In particular he had chosen the area of Waterloo because of the particular terrain. He chose a location where his troops had a strategic view of the hills and valleys, but where Napoleon’s troops from the other direction would perceive the land to be a level playing field.

Lessons for us:

  •  Plan ahead strategically don’t just react to events.
  • Choose the terrain for the battle – don’t let the enemy choose the battleground

Wellington led an international army called the Seventh Coalition – comprising troops from Prussia, Austria, Russia and Great Britain. In the battle with Napoleon’s troops many soldiers attacked their own people because of the mud which covered everyone, making it hard to identify the enemy.

  • We must be aware of the danger of attacking those on the same side as us because the battle is messy!
  • We need to be in a coalition. It is called the Body of Christ – crossing boundaries of nation, culture and tradition.

We are part of a ‘Seventh Coalition’ in that 7 is God’s number. As I walked around Waterloo this evening I came across a sign on a building “ring 777 for assistance’ !

Yesterday in St Helens we made powerful declarations of our desire to work together as One Church in the United Kingdom. The Seventh Coalition is forming, we must think ahead in good time because the confrontation with the forces of domination and control are gathering. Napoleon intended to destroy the British and take control of Europe. The Seventh Coalition under Wellington was prepared and prevailed. Waterloo now has a museum dedicated to these events and the Lion representing the victory of the Seventh Coalition.

The last thing Wellington did before going into battle was to go and pray in St Joseph’s church.

Let us not be overconfident: Wellington’s comment after victory was that the battle “was the nearest-run thing you ever saw in your life.”

 Let the Lion roar again!

Lion of Waterloo

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4 Responses to “The Seventh Coalition is forming…”

  1. Mark Sutcliffe Says:

    Yes I agree – strategic time – and I believe the planning team followed this wisdom to. Much ground gained without casualties .
    Now Lord enlarge our steps so we can be even more effective in the future (Ps18:36 NAS).
    Love and prayers

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Dieter Quick Says:

    Something is still missing! If what you write is true, what is the equivalent then of the alliance Wellington forged with Prussia, Austria and Russia? How can British Christianity and its intercessory movement afford to be British self-sufficient and inward looking? Why do they fail to engage with brothers and sisters on/from the continent as if it was an exclusively British battle that was to be fought? Is it because Wellington had been made a national(ist) hero of Britishness, of just another empire? Is it because the bloodshed, fortress mentality and the pride of an empire lost defiles the source and endangers a victory that must be won? Britain, whose army are you fighting in? What victory are you hoping for?

    • John Manwell Says:

      Dieter – I think you are right. I am sorry that my choice of words reads with a nationalistic perspective. I think there is MUCH still to be done in respect of Christians praying across Europe as ONE – see my earlier blog on Oneness ( I certainly wasn’t pointing to a nationalistic perspective – otherwise my article is extremely anti -French for a start! I believe that the Lord is pointing us to a shifting in the spirit which is more to do with the Church starting to realise that we have turned a corner: the battle is not national but spiritual. False religion, occult, humanism, secularism etc are the enemies of the whole of Europe and beyond. The key points of my article – to re-iterate:

      1. Plan ahead (think strategically)
      2. Don’t let the enemy choose the battle-ground
      3. In the mess don’t attack your own side!
      4. Pray first
      5. Don’t be over-confident!
      6. A coalition is what is needed.
      7. The coalition is forming in front of our eyes!

      Enjoy God’s blessing!

  3. Dieter Quick Says:

    Thanks for your response. No, I never believed you had a nationalistic perspective in mind, and whilst I felt that there was a gap, something missing still, I can see that what you share is clearly from the Lord.

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