Out on the streets of Liverpool

Today, on the streets of Walton and Norris Green I met with some great people. It is great how people will take time to stop and talk while in the middle of their shopping. The sad news to report is that many people told me that they have had enough of the main political parties and far too many people believe that their vote won’t make a difference.

Calling Mrs Duffy a bigot this week reveals something much more serious than Gordon Brown’s temper: Interpreting an ordinary conversation about the real issues facing the nation as bigotry shows just how utterly disconnected big party politics has become. On the streets of Norris Green and Walton, people are genuinely concerned about jobs, immigration, the deficit, political correct nonsense and law and order.

Liverpool has been leading the way in this nation for hundreds of years. What Britain needs is a political revolution – a complete change in the way we vote and behave. What better place than Walton in Liverpool to start something fresh? Liverpool people have always

shown that they think for themselves, surely it is time to vote for something new?

Vote for a fresh approach to politics in Britain.

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