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Liverpool Businessman and Church leader Steps forward for Walton in General Election

A North Liverpool businessman and church leader is stepping forward to stand for a fresh approach for Liverpool and the region in the coming general election.  Following the decision of Peter Kilfoyle MP to stand down from Parliament on health grounds, John Manwell said that as a resident of the area for 20 years, he had decided to offer the people of Walton a new approach. With turnout in last year’s EU elections at less than 1 in 5 voters in some wards in Walton, and just 45% in parliamentary elections in 2005, residents had become disaffected and disillusioned:

“I am one of the majority who want a fresh approach to politics. The nation is angry and frustrated with the politicians who continue to talk while the country gets worse. In Liverpool and the country, we need fresh thinking, fresh voices and fresh action. Our city’s deep well of Christian values of service to others is a motivation for my decision to stand. ”

A former senior manager with United Utilities, John Manwell’s career has been in business, whilst always showing a passionate commitment to the community in Liverpool through voluntary action. A resident of the city since 1988, John has had a variety of jobs in industry as well as wide involvement in church and community groups. Most recently John has been chairman of Merseyfest, an organisation working with churches across the Mersey region to encourage working together in the community. In 2008 John helped organise a major street festival in Hope Street – “The Festival of Hope” – which saw 25,000 celebrating hope for the region.

A member of the Christian Peoples Alliance party, John stood in the European parliament elections in 2009 – strongly arguing for a return to Christian values in Britain in such areas as family life, freedom of speech and integrity in public life. He strongly believes that the major political parties have failed to do what was promised in not permitting a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

At the start of his campaign for Walton, John Manwell said he would show a passion for a new approach to local politics, that would see Liverpool develop  a more united approach:

“For too long the north end of Liverpool has been left to decay. We don’t need politicians to talk about change in north Liverpool, we need to see some joining together for action. We need some politicians who will ask some important questions, not just pretend to have all the answers.”

John Manwell has worked as a school governor for 15 years and has been leading the board of Orrell Park Community Association for several years.

He added:

“I don’t believe that Christian faith is about only attending church meetings, but rather serving to see society improved, and making a difference.”

Pastor Tani Omideyi, of Liverpool Lighthouse in Anfield said he welcomed John’s decision to stand:

“I have known John for twelve years, and we have worked together on projects and city-wide initiatives. He has a passion for regeneration and progress in this city, and I have seen him open doors across the world when he has promoted Liverpool. John is a man of great integrity, just the type we need to represent us.”


For more information:

John Manwell  call: 07909 970 206  or email or call 07873 625396

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One Response to “Press Release”

  1. David Davenport Says:

    I am delighted to learn of John Manwell’s decision to submit his candidacy to the Walton General Election.

    I know John to be one far removed from the selfish ambition which consumes most in political arenas at this juncture. Quite to the contrary, and that despite his keen intellect, he is a very humble and unassuming man. As well, I know him to be one to hold-fast to an unusual measure of honesty and integrity–the brand of honesty and integrity that simply will not bend in the face of compromise. This posture, combined with John’s linear thinking, paints the portrait of the combined visionary and functionary that Liverpool yearns for.

    For those of you who practice prayer, I challenge you to lift John in the coming days.

    David Davenport

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